What was in the air for a while, is now official: Arthur Theate leaves with immediate effect to the Italian Bologna. Until June 2022 on a rental basis, then permanently.

Grazie & Arrivederci Arthur!

Arthur Theate arrived in Oostende last season as a noble unknown. At Standard he got no chance and at KVO he could prove himself as a test player. He did that with verve and was offered a contract for three seasons.

Arthur didn't betray the club's trust as he grew not only to become a base player, but also a star performer. In the referendum for most deserving player, he only had to beat Andrew Hjulsager, but TV-channel Eleven Sports placed him in the 'Team of the Season'. Not so surprising when you know that KVO had the third best defence and that Theate scored five times as a central defender. Who doesn't remember his 'rocket' at home against KRC Genk? Or the goal with his 'curls' (or was that D'Arpino?), as he said as a French speaker in excellent Dutch.

Because of an impending transfer, he didn't play the first two games of the season, but on game day 3 at home against AA Gent, he returned to the team. For the first time, KVO kept the zero and the Buffaloes went home without any points. Last Friday he played his first game as a Liège man in a full Sclessin, where he was shown a second yellow card in the final minute. He would have been suspended for that reason, but his transfer is no longer relevant.

Arthur will say goodbye to the supporters on the pitch on Sunday.

Gauthier Ganaye: "Arthur is the perfect example of how young players are given opportunities at Ostend. Nobody knew him and one year later he leaves for Serie A where he will play against players like Ronaldo and Ibrahimovic. We gave him a chance and he grabbed it with both hands. We wish him every success in his new adventure and he will always be welcome at Oostende. Don't cry that it's over, laugh that it happened!"

We will miss you Arthur, but this transfer is well deserved. Thanks, Merci, Grazie!

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