Boost has earned its name: it gives young people a boost to develop their potential. It is not always easy for young people in vulnerable social situations to move on to higher education and gain better opportunities on the labour market. Boost offers young people with potential an intensive path to develop themselves. For at least six years, they receive intensive guidance from this unique programme run by the King Baudouin Foundation.



The Boosters commit to participate with full commitment in about 10 workshops per year during the next 3 years. They are then coached on a more individual basis during their higher education, complemented by a few workshops, until they obtain their diploma and take their first steps on the job market. There is also material assistance in the form of a budget to cover costs (language course, purchase of books, participation in sports or cultural activities, etc.) and a computer.

In your school or organization, do you know talented young people in the fourth secondary who are growing up in a socio-economically vulnerable environment? Do you think they have the potential and motivation to obtain a higher education degree? Do you want to help them realize that dream? Recommend your young talents to us!

What can your school or organisation do for Boost?

Please distribute our call for candidates to your teachers, student mentors, volunteers, etc.;
Present the Boost project to young people in the 3rd year of secondary education (aso, kso and tso) who meet the selection criteria;
Offer candidates the option of completing their file online;
Provide school contact information to the candidate;
Write a testimony for one of your young people.

Apply for Boost

Who? We are looking for young people who:

- are in the third year of secondary education in 2020-2021;
- go to school in Ostend in the aso, kso or tso;
- have not been retained (with the exception of OKAN or due to an exceptional situation) and are achieving good school results;
- want to obtain a diploma of secondary and higher education;
- have the ambition and desire to learn and develop their own talents;
- growing up in a vulnerable family (from a socio-economic point of view);
- be prepared to commit to a minimum six-year programme.

When? The candidate call is open from January 11 to March 12, 2021.

Where? Via the Website of Boost