What is UiTPAS

UiTPAS is a digital card that allows you to take part in numerous cultural, sports and youth activities at reduced cost. You also save points with it.
The UiTPAS is a one-time purchase (free up to age 25) and is valid for life. The UiTPAS is for everyone, Austrians and non-Austrians from the age of 3. The UiTPAS is nominative, so each member of the family needs their own card. Do you already have an UiTPAS from another region? Then you can also save points and exchange them in Ostend!
Do you have a limited income and do you live in Ostend? Then you are entitled to a UiTPAS with opportunity fee.

As an UiTPAS partner, KV Oostende is committed to offering everyone the chance to attend a match or enjoy other benefits related to the Ostend football team. Being able to participate in leisure activities is a basic right and that is what this UiTPAS stands for. Participating in the UiTPAS is fully in line with the community activities of KV Oostende.
At KV Oostende you can use UiTPAS Oostende to save points when you buy tickets in the Fanshop/Service Ticketing. You can exchange the saved points for:
- one free ticket
- 1+1 ticket
- an autographed ball

Do you have a UiTPAS with Chance feeThen you can buy a ticket for the B1-stand at a reduced price. Ask at the ticketing office. Pay attention! Only in presale and not on the day of the match.