All NewsCroky cup: KV OOSTENDE - CS ONHAYE 8 - 1

Croky cup: KV OOSTENDE - CS ONHAYE 8 - 1

The courageous Onhaye was no match for an eager Oostende. Kvasina (3x), Atanga (2x), Fortes, Ambrose and Ndicka ensured a goal fair.
The coastal team started with an unpublished team. At the unknown Onhaye, we noticed a familiar name with goalie De Vriendt (ex-Standard, Mechelen and NEC).
The game started brightly with a kick just over the visiting goal and a disallowed Eastern goal. On the other side of the pitch Delplank beat Schelfhout in the short corner (0-1). Coastboys reacted immediately with an equaliser by Kvasina (1-1).. Just before the half hour mark, our Austrian striker scored his second goal of the evening (2-1) with the help of a visiting defender.. D'Haese had a chance to score but his effort went over. Fortes got his share when he beat De Vriendt with a header (3-1).. Kvasina went in search of his hat-trick but the goalkeeper was initially a hindrance. Just before the break, the sniper got what he was looking for, as he shot to smithereens De Vriendt (4-1)..
Blessin made two substitutions during the break. Capon and D'Haese were rested and were replaced by Wylin and Ndicka respectively. The first chance after the coffee was for the visitors, but Schelfhout saved with his feet. In the following changeover, Atanga further increased the score (5-1).. The goal fest continued when Ndicka found Atanga with a cross (6-1).. Visitor Leclef's pot boiled over and he was allowed to take a shower prematurely. The home team had no sympathy for the visitors and increased their lead with Ambrose and Ndicka (7-1 and 8-1)..

Goals: 4′ 0-1 (Delplank), 6′ 1-1 (Kvasina), 27′ 2-1 (Kvasina), 38′ 3-1 (Fortes), 42′ 4-1 (Kvasina), 53′ 5-1 (Atanga), 60′ 6-1 (Atanga), 73′ 7-1 (Ambrose, penalty kick), 80′ 8-1 (Ndicka)
Red cards66′ Leclef
Referee: Mr. Willems
Team compositions:
KV Ostend: Schelfhout, Medley, D'Arpino (62′ Ambrose), Rocha Santos, Fortes (62′ Tanghe), Kvasina (62′ Bätzner), Patoulidis, Koziello, Capon (46′ Wylin), D'Haese (46′ Ndicka), Atanga
InvadersHubert, Ndicka, Amade, Tanghe, Bätzner, Wylin, Ambrose.

CS Onhaye: De Vriendt, Granville, Poncelet, Gall, Guiot, Gilain, Leclef, Lorenzon, Delplank, Lambert Lizen
InvadersGeneret, Davrichov, Henry, Bouterbiat, Kembi, Steeno, Fastrez.

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