Changed hospitality protocol next two home games

Because of the modified protocol of the Pro League regarding the covid policy, we are forced to change the mobile beverage stands at Diaz Arena to close. Drinks can only be consumed sitting at tables.

Many clubs choose to close down all drinks for organizational reasons, but we don't want to go that far. We still want to offer our subscribers the service to enjoy a fresh Filou, Maes or Coca Cola as much as possible.

Therefore the canteens 'Club 31' and 'Kama Lounge' (former Obi's Pub) will remain open. And not only the ground floor of the 'Kama Lounge', but also the upper floor of the 'Kama Lounge' (where the indoor business seats are located) will be open before the game and during half-time for supporters from stands C and D.

With this, we significantly expand our catering possibilities in the indoor areas and we hope to meet the authentic football feeling of our fans as much as possible.

In concrete terms, this means the following:

Canteen 'Club 31 is only open to the supporters in the main grandstand (boxes A and B).
Canteen 'Kama Lounge (upper and lower floor) is only accessible for supporters in tribunes C and D.
- Both canteens are only open before the game and at half-time and after the game all catering closes at 11pm, as required by law for all catering.
- Drinking is only possible seated at a table and with maximum six persons per table.
- So you can drink do not take it outside and into the stands.
- Once the maximum number of people allowed in a canteen has been reached, it is no longer possible to enter unless other supporters leave. It is therefore possible that there will not be room for all supporters, but we will do our best to offer a beer or soft drink to as many fans as possible. It is not possible to reserve a seat.
- All outdoor catering stands are closed. So it is not possible to eat something in the Diaz Arena. Also the Filou Bierstraat remains closed.
- Last but not least: once inside the stadium, it is mouth mask mandatory everywhere from the age of six, both inside and outside. It may only be taken off when you sit down at the table for a drink.

- As already known, only 100 % vaccinated or tested supporters are allowed to attend the match. This on presentation of the Covid certificate, via the Covid Safe App or via a valid document of the health insurance fund.

No valid QR code = no access to the stadium.

We are glad that we can still welcome you in our stadium and provide you with a drink. This is a privilege we have, so please let us have respect for each other and strictly observe the measures.

At our previous home game, you did that in an exemplary manner without the atmosphere in the stadium suffering. To such an extent even that virologist Marc Van Ranst wrote in 'De Morgen' that the KVO supporters are model supporters.
So let's keep it that way and against Eupen we saw that mouth masks don't hinder the vocal encouragement of 'uus wèreldploegsje'.

Merci KVO-fans, junder zien bère!