As behind every strong man stands a strong woman, behind every strong football team stands an excellent green keeper. At KVO this is Brecht Descheemaker. He ensures that the turf is always in perfect condition. He explains what is happening now to get the pitch ready for play next season.

"As you can see, the grass is almost completely gone now. There is not much green left. There will be a completely new grass surface, which has been sown since Saturday," says the greenkeeper full of passion for his profession.

"As a greenkeeper I'm busy every day with watering, mowing, aerating, sowing and fertilizing the fields, both in the Diaz Arena and at the Schorre. In short: everything that is involved in grass.
To be honest, last year at certain times we had a slightly less playable pitch than we are used to in Ostend. This was due to the amount of street grass that started to grow on the pitch. Street grass is a type of grass with small roots, which makes it easy to remove parts of the grass during a tackle. That is why we are now sowing a completely new turf, to give the street grass no chance to root between it and create a fantastic turf. As we have been used to for decades in Ostend.

"At the moment we are keeping the turf mostly moist. After that, we'll be watering less, but for longer. At the moment it's a shorter cycle, but more frequent.

"By the way, we also have a very close relationship with Krinkels NV, a landscape contractor. These people also work with a great deal of love for the job on the turf. I also work closely with Hans Van de Woestijne of BSC, who provides advice about the pitch. And last but not least, there are of course the daily volunteers who lend a hand where necessary."

It is the intention that one week before the start of the league, in the weekend of 17/18 July, a practice match will be played in the Diaz Arena. The opponent is not yet known. On June 16, the trainings will resume at the Schorre.

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