The interview of the week is with our goalie Guillaume Hubert (27). We talked to him about the 0 out of 9 in the league and we look ahead to the game against Union.

No league football for a while due to the international break. You did play an exhibition match against SK Deinze, how did you experience that?

It was a strange game. The first half was really bad. After 45 minutes it was already 0-3. Maybe it's because some players are absent due to national commitments, but we shouldn't hide behind that. What I saw after the break was much better. We came back from 1-4 to 4-4. We showed the right attitude in the second half. The U21 boys who came on also left a strong impression. That might open some perspectives for the rest of the league. They showed that we have to take them into account as well.

You're having a good season, but if we take a look at the statistics, you only have one clean sheet after fourteen matches. How do you explain that?

Our defensive compartment can still improve. We give away too many chances and sometimes lose the ball stupidly. Think of the game against KV Mechelen. Without a clean sheet, it's also difficult to win a game.

Our defence has also changed a lot this season. With Jack Hendry and Arthur Theate we have lost two star players, we should not hide that. We miss their leadership and aggressiveness. Now, our current defenders certainly have qualities too, but it takes time to fit everything in. That simply takes some time.

Due to suspensions and/or injuries, there have often been different players in the defence. Once there is a clear structure, I believe it will be good. It's a cliché by the way, but defending is also done with the whole team.

Our core is also not that big. That has its advantages and disadvantages. The advantage is that everyone knows each other well. We form a close-knit group. The disadvantage is the flexibility if there are suspensions or injuries. Then it's not easy to find a replacement for every position. But in that sense it is interesting that the U21 players show what they have to offer. Siebe Wylin was already in the team at Leuven.

Are you someone who deals with those statistics?

I look at my stats every week, but it's not the most important thing either. I have already conceded 25 goals. That's too many for me. Last season I got 41. Now I'm already over half. Such a statistic keeps me busy. I want to change that.

How are you communicating with your defense?

That's okay. We all speak English, that's a plus. In a full stadium, it is more difficult to communicate with my defenders. Because of the enthusiasm of the supporters, we understand each other less on the pitch. Last year it was completely different in the empty stadiums. But okay, give me full stadiums at all times.

Last season it was also a bit less busy around this time. Is it a case of November syndrome?

I was just talking about it last week to my buddies. You can speak of a syndrome. With 0 out of 9 you can't be satisfied of course. November is not over yet, we can still make it a top month by picking up points against Union and Antwerp.

It remains important not to panic. If you look at the rankings, there's still a big gap with Beerschot and other teams. If the months of December and January are as good as last season, we shouldn't worry, and it could become a nice season. By the way, a remarkable fact: we count one point more than at the same time last season.

Sunday, leader Union comes to visit. How will you handle Sunday's game?

It will have to be better than the last few weeks. It starts with the strikers. They have to provide the right amount of pressure on their defenders. That's what our system is about. That's why I said earlier that you defend with the whole team. Besides that, it's important to be in a good organisation. That way we can prevent Union from creating many chances, because with Vanzeir and Undav they score easily. If we play according to our qualities, we might be able to pull a stunt at home.

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