With his great goal, Nick Bätzner played a big role in the victory against KAS Eupen. This week, he joins us to talk about his recent performances and his selection for Germany's U21 team. 

What was your feeling last weekend when you scored the winning goal against Eupen?

"It was a great feeling to score the winning goal. I was really happy, as were our supporters. By scoring the goal we obviously win a very important game. I got the ball and saw there was space, so I thought, why not shoot full risk?"

And the ball went in nicely. We're halfway through the season now, how do you look back?

"Time is moving fast. At the moment the situation is okay. We are happy with the victory against Eupen. Now we have to continue on this line, there are still important games coming up before the winter break. Last season the month of November wasn't good either, it's up to us now, like last season, to pick ourselves up in the month of December."

How do you look back on your own achievements?

"I am quite satisfied. It can still be better, of course. I would like to reach the same level as against Eupen every game. But the season is not over yet, I want to keep showing my qualities on the pitch. My goal is to work on my stats. I want to score more goals and keep giving assists."

Not every game you started in the base. Was that hard for you?

"Yes, that was difficult, but that's normal. As a football player you always want to play. But I am always motivated, even when I have to substitute. I want to help the team as much as possible by creating chances or scoring a goal. Every chance I get to play, I grab with both hands."

You are now in your second season in Ostend, how do you feel in this city?

"I feel good here. Last weekend I went to the Christmas market with some teammates. In the summer you can have a drink in a summer bar here. I also like a regular walk in the city. But a walk on the beach is even better. I find complete relaxation then. The view of infinity and the sound of the waves. I can't complain here. Ostend is a very nice city to live in."

Is it helpful that the coach is German-speaking, as are some teammates?

"It's always easy when there are people who speak the same language. With the coach, it's handy to go over certain things in detail. In English it is often quite general. I often meet up with my German-speaking teammates in our spare time. We watch a Champions League match or go for a meal together."

You've been through a lot at KV Oostende, haven't you?

"Indeed, but that's part of football. There are good moments, but also lesser moments. It is important to learn from them. You learn to live with the ups & downs. That way you get experience and you take that with you for your further career."

You have been selected twice now for the U21 of Germany. How do you like it there?

"For me it is an honour to be selected. It is every player's dream to be able to represent his country. I have already played a few matches and I really liked it. I have to keep going like this to get selected again. In the future, the ambition is to play in the first team of Die Mannschaft, although that is not a given."

Friday we have the game against Charleroi, without supporters. How do you look at that match?

"I feel bad for our supporters. They have not misbehaved and always follow the rules. But I hope we can win and give the supporters three points. It's an important match and it will be a close battle."

What are you happy with at the end of the season?

"If we have a carefree second half of the season. We want to try and win as many games as possible. For myself, I would like to score some more goals and make important passes to create chances."