On the eve of the start of the league, there was a constructive discussion between Executive President Gauthier Ganaye - on behalf of the KVO board - and the supporters federation Kustboys. Both parties are looking forward to the coming season with great confidence!

Saturday we open the league against Charleroi and we expect all the support of our supporters.

Gauthier GanayeWith our 'Gegenpressing' style of play, our supporters should be a real twelfth man. We have to stick the opponent against their own goal. Every opponent should be scared to come to Oostende, because we play short on the ball from the first to the last minute.
Last season, our Diaz Arena was already an almost impenetrable fortress, and with our own fans, the opponent must be absolutely terrified. We need the fans to push our guys forward and force the opponent into a mistake."

Is the core complete for the competition?
"The core foundation is there but logically we are looking to strengthen the squad even further. I dare say that our team is stronger now than it was at the same time last season. Several players will start the season completely differently than last season. Just look at the way Jack Hendry and Max D'Arpino developed last season. Or Nick Batzner and Frederik Jakel who did their first season with the pros. A lot of players weren't ready at the beginning of last season and now they are. So I'm sure we are better armed now than at the start of last season.
Although it's no secret that we're still looking for reinforcements in the attacking respect. But even without additional offensive players, we are sufficiently armed to take on the competition."

But maybe some more players will leave?
"Look, if an English club comes and offers fifteen million euros for player X, we'll bring him across the pond personally, so to speak. Everything depends on supply and demand. The chance that Arthur Theate leaves, is existing, but with Zech Medley we already have his replacement. If Arthur does not leave, they will compete with each other. Either way, we are adequately armed at the sporting level."

We also attracted players who immediately left for sister club Nancy.
"Those are disconnected stories. First of all there is Mamadou Thiam. He wanted to have a better chance of being a base player and, for the time being, he's succeeding better at Nancy than at KVO.
Then with Basila, we acquired a central defender who played in all youth teams of the French national team. At KVO, we currently have seven potential central defenders, so it's better that he first gains experience at Nancy.
Last but not least we have Biron who is a strong striker. Either he comes to KVO next season and is a sporting asset or he makes a transfer and we make a profit. In short, KVO will always benefit. I work for both KVO and Nancy and I want both clubs to make the most of it."

Can you give some additional explanation about the reinforcements?
"As I said, Zech Medley is a reinforcement at centre-back and as a left-footer, he could be the potential replacement for Arthur Theate, should the latter leave: high defending, quick and a good ball-handling. Kenny Rocha Santos was a great player at Nancy. He didn't want to extend and wanted to move up the ranks, so it was a must to bring him to KVO. I can already tell you, his stagnant phases were one of the best in France. Earlier this week Alfonse Amade signed a contract and he is already a promising backup for Maxime D'Arpino. And I also dare to mention our own youth as an additional reinforcement. Manuel Osifo has yet to turn 18, but he's a great talent. He can play as well in defence as in midfield and is improving rapidly. Like Robbie and Jelle we want to bring our own youth products to the A-core. In a new season it's time to create new heroes."

In short, KVO is ready for the league start?
"We are more than ready. The players who left have enormous merits for the club and we should be grateful to them. But I'm convinced that the current core should certainly not be inferior. With the support of the fans, we can certainly take the three points against Charleroi on Saturday. So I hope they'll be behind our lads from the first minute to the last. It will be a tough game and we will need them."

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