Saturday at 12h KVO plays its last practice match of the preparation, also the first in the DIAZ Arena. Finally again football with audience !
Opponent is Mouscron. Below we list all (corona) rules:

  • Only subscribers can attend. This on the basis of the bubble forms we have received. At the latest on Thursday, the person in charge of the bubble will receive an email with all practical information and the tickets. The physical season tickets 2021-2022 are not ready yet so only these tickets will give access to the match.
  • Did you forget to fill in your bubble? Mail to [email protected] and we'll see what else we can do.
  • You do not seek contact with other bubbles. So social distancing is maintained at all times.
  • Not coming to the match? Give us a call at [email protected]
  • Because of the covidprotocol, it is possible that you are in a different place than your own subscription place. This is the case as long as the covid-protocol applies, so also in the competition.
    In doing so, we try to place all the bubbles as best as possible in relation to the subscription spaces.
  • You do not have to wear a mask when sitting down, but you do have to wear it when moving around in the stadium.
  • Only one person per bubble is about drinks/eating. This does not always have to be the same person so there is no need to designate a z√®√®kapiting.
    However, the following still applies: red flag = remain seated. Food/drinks will only be consumed on your seat.
  • In the C2-stand, standing up is allowed, but only with mouth mask on.
  • There are no time slots when you can come to the stadium. So you come when you want. We do recommend to be on time in function of the entrance controls.
  • Supporters in the E-ribune can register at 11 am at the earliest (one hour before the match). This is because everyone in the E-tribune has to enter through gate 8 and this should be free for players and staff before 11 am.
  • As of this season, the DIAZ Arena - like all Belgian stadiums - is completely smoke-free. There will be no smoking zones in the stadium either. Smoking in the stadium can lead to fines and a stadium ban.

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