On the occasion of the club's 40th anniversary in 2021, KVO and Decathlon launched a design competition for new players' outfits a few months ago. Based on some of those designs, a first (mostly white) kit has now been chosen. The fans on whose designs the shirt was based, also figure in the presentation video (see below). And soon KVO has even more in store.

When the design competition ended at the end of December, some 250 designs had been submitted. Not only supporters gave their best in drawing and colouring, but also ambassadors such as Kamagurka, Guga Baul, Sebastien Dewaele and Martin Heylen, mayor Bart Tommelein and the entire squad put their best foot forward.
From these 250 designs, a first design was chosen.
"It was not an easy task to choose a design from the countless submissions," says Executive President Gauthier Ganaye. "It is true that the new black outfits of this season are a huge success and based on that same pattern quite a few white outfits came in. These various white outfits were put together and based on that, KVO and Decathlon decided on one new, sleek design."
The nice thing is that KVO youth products Jelle Bataille and Robbie D'Haese also resolutely went for a white design, as did two KVO youth players. "This way there is a nice synergy between our youth work and the A-core."

"We are immensely pleased with the partnership between KVO and Decathlon/Kipsta," so says Vincenzo Verhoeven, at Decathlon responsible for the club market in Belgium. "As a partner of KVO, we strongly focus on co-creation and interaction with the first team, but we also support the youth teams and even the fans to make our products even more attuned to all football players and football lovers. From that point of view, this design contest fits perfectly. The fans who help determine the design with which the professional players play football, brilliant right?"

If you look closely, you will also see some striking features on the shirt. The shirt incorporates sea waves and the logo of the Kustboys supporters' federation is displayed on the back of the shirt. "In this way our supporters give our players a push in the back, both literally and figuratively. In addition, the three keys of the city of Oostende are contained in the logo. Those keys belong to the coat of arms of the city of Ostend and to the old KVO coat of arms. So we get a synergy between the 'new, innovative' shirts of Decathlon and the 'old, traditional, nostalgic' feeling," says press and communication manager Bram Keirsebilck.

Soon there will be more news about the design contest and the club identity. Stay tuned !

KVO launches (third) kit in co-creation with Decathlon/Kipsta