KVO is proud to present a new shorts sponsor. Starting Sunday, Belgium-Mobility will be featured on the players' shorts. And what's more, the company specialized in charging solutions for electric cars immediately joins forces with our car partner Ford Unicars. Subscribers can win a Ford Mustang Mach-E Driving Experience and KVO VIP experience. Read on quickly to find out how!

Electric driving will very soon become the norm, making the provision of charging solutions one of the very highest priorities. It also offers the added advantage of always being able to leave home with a charged car, which was not possible before.

Thus, Belgium-Mobility is essential for both companies and individuals. The choice was made to use 'smart' charging solutions. By means of this platform, charging can be fully tailored to the needs of the customer. Think for example of charging exclusively with the energy generated by solar panels. Or rather only charge at night or during the opening hours of your company?

Even placing your charging solution 'publicly' is a possibility. This also turns your investment into a source of income. 

Belgium-Mobility distinguishes itself by offering a solution based on a transparent pricing model. So the customer knows in advance the cost of the project, even including working hours. 

How do I get a ten percent discount on all services?

You get 10% discount on the whole project (placement + installation + hardware), when following conditions are met:

  • Customers must provide proof of conclusion of subscription/partnership
  • Promotion valid throughout the JPL (including preparation)
  • Promotion valid for both individuals and companies

Win a Ford Mustang Mach-E KVO VIP Experience

Pick up your electric Ford Mustang Mach-E on Friday August 19 at our partner Ford Unicars. On Saturday, August 20, drive it to the KVO-STVV game, park in front of the grandstand and enjoy a pre-match VIP dinner with two people together with the people from Belgium-Mobility and Ford Unicars.

How to win.

- You are a KVO subscriber
- Like the pages of Belgium-Mobility and Ford Unicars.
- Like and share our Facebook post
- Write under the Fb post which player you think is in the picture and tag with whom you want to share this experience and why.