Avoid queues !

To avoid queues, pick up your season ticket this week at the fanshop during opening hours*!
No season ticket on match day = no guarantee you'll be inside the stadium by kickoff.

* Wednesday 12am - 5pm, Thursday 10am - 7pm, Friday 12am - 5pm, Saturday 10am - 12pm.

Before the match we will treat you to 'Vorte Pasta' and free Maes Pils!


Only by showing the Covid Safe Ticket* - through the Covid Safe App or a valid document - you are allowed to enter the stadium.

You will enter the stadium with your season ticket and you will take your seat on your own season ticket. This means that digital tickets will no longer be sent out.
Note: the name on your ticket/subscription should match your identity card AND covid certificate.

Here you'll find all information regarding the Covid Safe Ticket !

*Your Covid Safe Ticket will be given to you via the Covid Safe APP if you:

- You are fully vaccinated before 29/08, KVO - Zulte Waregem.
*Vaccination date of second shot + 2 weeks for vaccines Pfizer, Astra Zenica and Moderna
*Vaccination date first (only) shot + 4 weeks for Johnson and Johnson.

- are in possession of a negative COVID test that is no more than 48 hours old. Each citizen is entitled to two free tests to use during the summer break. Check here how to request that free test.

- are in possession of a valid recovery certificate.

There will be free sales again. This only in presale, not at the door. As a subscriber, you can also start exchanging your vouchers for tickets. Each subscriber is entitled to 15 tickets. Your subscription box contained only one voucher, because you can order your 15 tickets online using your own customer number.

Please note: The hospitality protocol still applies to this match, meaning that it is not yet possible to have a drink in the canteens, only take-away is possible.

Do you have any questions about this? Then please mail to [email protected].


Announcement regarding government decision not to allow non-vaccinated groups into the stadium

After we previously rolled out our plans to also allow the provisionally unvaccinated to the home game against Zulte Waregem, the government has now decided that this is no longer legally valid. This presents our club with a fait accompli and we have to completely revise our protocol.

The club had been preparing for the game against Zulte Waregem for some time. Because not every fan will have had his or her second vaccine by then - think of the 12-18 year olds - we decided to open up some stands for that group. That way, those people could still follow the game, according to the corona rules such as bubbles, distance and mouth masks during movements. We also provided a separate entrance for these people so that they would not come into contact with the vaccinated spectators. All this in accordance with the existing protocols and regulations.

Now the government suddenly decided to revise these protocols completely, which implies that we cannot give these people access to the stadium anymore. We realize that this is unfair to this group because they have paid for their season ticket. This coming weekend it will still be allowed but when we play at home next week it will be banned again. So, once again, we have to adapt and most of the preparations we have already made can be thrown in the bin.

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