Duinhelm G-Football

Duinhelm G-Football

KV Oostende has started its own G football team. This team includes young adults who, due to a mental or physical handicap, are often more limited in their abilities than the average KVO football players. Such a G-team requires a lot of support and intensive coaching. Here, KV Oostende gets the support of the VZW Duinhelm.

VZW Duinhelm is a centre for the support of adults with a, mainly mental, handicap in the region Middenkust. They also organize many activities. For example, they are the organisers of the Gala4special.

Wim Rogiers, manager Free Time Briek: "On a regular basis we come with our people to watch matches of KVO, a lot of residents or visitors of our center are therefore also fierce KVO fan."
"We are convinced that the partnership between VZW Duinhelm and KVO can only ensure that the provision of G-football improves in quality," adds community leader Diego Rosseel.

The project was therefore called DUINHELM G-VOETBAL KVO.

The boys of the G-team train on:

Teens (13-18 years) 14h-15h

Fanions (+18 years old) 15h30-16h30

This on site number 9 of De Schorre.
In case of bad weather, the training sessions can also be organised in the hall of the non-profit organisation Duinhelm.

Registration for the G-team can be done via: [email protected](link sends email)
If you want to know more about VZW Duinhelm, surf to: www.briekvrijetijd.be