This buddy project wants to match residents of Ostend, both individuals and families, with newcomers and clients who come to live in Ostend. The so-called buddies offer social support to newcomers and clients and help them to find their way in Oostende and the daily life in the city. It is important that the buddies do not take on a helping role, but support the newcomers in building up their network and getting to know their new home. Buddies can refer newcomers to assistance agencies.

When you apply as a buddy, an intake interview will follow, after which we will make the best possible match with a newcomer in Oostende. Of course you don't start this adventure just like that. You receive the necessary support from FMDO and Sociaal Huis Oostende and we offer you a series of trainings with useful information about the legislation and the social map of Oostende.

There are also plenty of opportunities to go out together in the city. That is why we provide discounts on trips to the theatre, music performances and sports competitions. In addition, all buddies and newcomers are invited on a regular basis to a group activity, so that everyone can exchange information and tips with each other.

KV Oostende helps to strengthen this offer by inviting these people to a match using a 1+1 voucher. We also offer free guided tours to show people what goes on behind the scenes of the Versluys Arena.


More information?

To become a buddy of newcomers who have been living in Ostend for less than a year?
Xavier Holvoet (FMDO) sends email)
0487 61 53 43

To become a buddy of clients (people with a living wage) or newcomers who stay longer than one year in Ostend?
Ann Deschacht (Social House Ostend) sends email)
059 59 12 45

More information and photos can be found on our Facebook page :

Compagnons is a project of FMDO vzw and Sociaal Huis Oostende. With the support of the city of Oostende, the King Baudouin Foundation and the National Lottery.