It has been a very special season. On a social level, on an economic level, on a scientific level and above all on a sporting level.

In a first season with a new coach, new players and a new administration, challenges were expected. The global pandemic provided additional, important and unforeseen challenges. We started this journey with two American slogans: 'Yes, we can' and 'Make KVO great again'. We are very happy that we have shown that if we work hard, we definitely can do it. We are even more pleased that the general atmosphere around our club has evolved into one of identity and positivity, energy and aggressiveness and that the club was heard, seen and noticed. Important first steps to make KVO great again.

In difficult times, we are happy that we have positively surprised our fans, we are excited that many critical analysts from before the season have now been proven wrong, we are delighted that we are still in the running for European football and we are especially proud that we have made you proud.

But it is not over yet. Three more important games, possibly followed by six more important games and finally followed by an important new season, the season of confirmation. We will keep working hard to keep moving in the right direction and in that way we are grateful for your support and trust.

We have put together a series of incentives to offer an interesting new package 2021-2022 to our loyal subscribers. A package where all season ticket holders become 'Members', because every fan is a vital part of our club, for better or worse. One Sea - One City - One Team is more than words. In the coming weeks we will say goodbye to the Route 31 and create our new campaign for 2021-2022 to continue this journey together....

The incentives only apply if you renew your season ticket during the 'Early Bird' period (until Sunday, May 9).


Incentive 1
Are you renewing your current season ticket during the 'Early Bird' period? Then you pay less than this season (prices can be found below).

Incentive 2
We hope that the current lockdown will be a good antidote to the coronavirus and who knows, maybe we'll play the Play-offs with a crowd. Normally your current season ticket does not include the Playoffs. As a bonus KVO offers the Play-offs to every season ticket holder for free.
Also next season, the Play offs will be included in the (reduced) season ticket price.

Incentive 3
Every 'Early Bird' member is automatically offered a free membership card for the new season. With this card - which normally costs € 25 - you can win exclusive experiences or unique items.
More information about the Membership Card will follow shortly.

Incentive 4
Each season ticket holder will receive 15 ticket vouchers, one per game missed in the regular competition of the 20-21 season, to be used for the 21-22 season. During the pre-sale period of the match, you can exchange these vouchers at the Ticketing service for a ticket for the relevant home match, in a free seat. Can't you sit with your friends? Then we will see if we can move you for this match so that you can sit together. These tickets are not valid for cup matches.

Incentive 5
Each season ticket holder will receive 2 vouchers to access the VIP after party after the match. You can exchange these vouchers at the VIP entrance after the match.
The vouchers can only be used for B-matches, so not for the matches against Club Brugge, AA Gent, RSCA, Antwerp and Standard.

Incentive 6
Together with our partner WAOW, KVO has set up an action: the more supporters the Install and use the appthe more credits you get back on your card.
This can go up to € 15 extra drink value on your card. You can already connect with the consumption number on your current membership card.

Incentive 7
All subscribers from the current season, 2020-2021, will be immortalized in a "Wall of Fame" at Diaz Arena.

Incentive 8
Last but not least, KVO also wants to involve the partners in the compensation story.
Mediamarkt Oostende foresees a direct cash discount of 10% on the next purchase for everyone who renews his/her subscription.
More partner benefits to follow.
Note: The discount at Mediamarkt is one-time and not cumulative with other promotions and discounts.


The Early Wings period starts already today ,Tuesday 30 March 11:00 and runs until Sunday 9 May 23:59.

Subscription holders 2020-2021 can renew their subscription at the cheaper rate during this period. Non-subscribers can also already purchase a subscription to a free seat.
Students who are over 21 years of age may forward this year's student card to [email protected](link sends email) to qualify for the discounted price.

Tuesday 30/3 to Sunday 18/4: extension ankle online + possible to online Do you, as a subscriber, want to move to a free spot? That is also possible now.

Monday 19/4 until Sunday 9/5: renewal also possible in the Ticketing Service + also possible to buy a new subscription in the Ticketing Service

From Monday 10/5Unused season tickets are released for free sale.


Abonnement overzicht 21-22


Step 1: Click here

Step 2: click on the "log in" button on the top right and enter your username and password

-If you have forgotten your password, you can request a new one.
-If you have forgotten your username, you can request it at [email protected](link sends email)
-If you have never had an account before, we ask that you create one and then contact the ticketing service to link your subscription to your account.

Step 3: After logging in, the Login button will change to "My account", there you can click on "My orders" and you will see your reservation.

Step 4: click on "pay unpaid reservation" (if you want to pay this reservation immediately) or click on "view reservation" to view the order again. If you see an incorrect price, you can always contact the Ticketing department.
Step 5: Choose how you want to receive your season ticket. Pick up fanshop or send by post. The last option costs € 7,-.

Step 6: Choose your method of payment, and you will be redirected to the payment screen you chose.


The season tickets and membership cards are not available yet. We will inform you as soon as you can come and collect them in the Ticketing department.
Did you choose to receive them by mail? As soon as they are available, they will be sent to you. You don't have to do anything yourself for this.


Mail: [email protected](link sends email)
Tel: 059/70 36 10

Opening hours Ticketing service (in view of the new coronation measures this is by appointment only)

Closed on Mondays
Closed Tuesdays
Wednesday 12h - 17h
Thursday 10 am - 7 pm
Friday* 12h - 17h
Closed on Saturday
Closed on Sunday

* Only open if a home game is played that weekend
  The Ticketing Department is closed on public holidays
* The membership card is automatically renewed for the next season, but from then on you have to pay. Don't you want this? Then you must send an email before 01/03/2022 to [email protected](link sends email) indicating that you want to cancel your membership card.