All NewsAlexander Blessin leaves KVO for Genoa: DANKE ALEX!

Alexander Blessin leaves KVO for Genoa: DANKE ALEX!

KV Oostende reached an agreement with Genoa FC on the transfer of Alexander Blessin. The Italian first division club will pay the severance clause, assistant Markus Pflanz will take over until a new head coach has signed.
"We knew this day would come, which is why we've been watching for potential successors for longer than today."

Alexander Blessin arrived in Ostend last season as a noble unknown but the German immediately charmed friend and foe with a daring 'Gegenpressing system'. KVO would eventually finish fifth and the German was rightly crowned 'Trainer of the Season'.
Last summer he signed a new contract that included a fixed severance payment. That severance payment is now being paid by Genoa FC.

Gauthier Ganaye: "It is always an important day in the life of a soccer club when a head coach leaves. But it is not just any coach who leaves and today is therefore a very emotional day, also and especially on a personal level. We believed in Alex's potential in June 2020 and it was a great experience for everyone to see him grow in his role here. So I want to thank Alex for the amazing 18 months we spent together. We knew this day would eventually come, it could have been earlier, it could have been later, but it was always going to happen in the end. That is why we have prepared for this moment and now we want to appoint a new head coach as soon as possible to start this new chapter in the club history. Until then, I am confident that Markus Pflanz, together with Alfred Ntiamoah and Ebo Trautner, will lead the team and push it forward. Last but not least, that 'release clause' gives us a bit more opportunity financially, also in the transfer market. The 'mercato' still runs until January 31 and we certainly want to strengthen."

Alexander Blessin is already taking the plane to Italy on Wednesday evening. He said an emotional goodbye to the staff members and employees.
"It all happened so fast. In 24 hours this matter has been settled, I can still hardly grasp it. Because the transition was not yet in place, I was not able to say goodbye to the players physically even after training. I will certainly contact them to do that. I will also greatly miss the supporters here, they have always supported me through thick and thin, although it's all the more regrettable that we played our top season without any spectators. Genoa is an offer I couldn't refuse. It is a tradition club in Serie A and I am offered a long-term project there. This is a great step in my career but I will always be grateful to KVO for the opportunity I got here. I - and also my family - always felt at home here and I will miss everyone terribly. Hopefully I can return one day to say goodbye properly."