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New logo and website to mark our 40th anniversary

In 2021 KVO blows 40 candles and the club will not let this go by unnoticed. On the symbolic date of May 31 (after the tribal number 31) the club launches a new logo and a new website.

On 22 June 1981, AS and VG Oostende merged and KV Oostende was born. Forty years later, the club celebrates with the launch of a new, innovative logo.
"It is an idea that has been around for some time within the club to make a logo change. The 40th anniversary provided the ideal momentum to actually make this change. press and communication officer Bram Keirsebilck.

"The change of the logo has been an intention since the beginning of the season. Today has been preceded by a long preparation, initially mainly to the content and conceptual." says COO Thorsten Theys.

"With our new logo we really want to step into a new era, but still keep in mind our history, name and colours. It had to be sleek, professional, innovative and modern. Executive President Gauthier Ganaye.

Partner Decathlon then set to work with this information.
"You might sooner expect a graphic marketing company to design this, but at Decathlon we also have a particularly extensive and quality graphics department," says Vincenzo Verhoeven, who is responsible for the collaboration with the football clubs.

"Since the start of the cooperation with KVO, we are not a traditional clothing supplier. We really want to reinforce each other and together propagate an identity. Just think of the design contest in which the supporters could help determine the new shirts. When we heard that KVO was looking for a new logo, we immediately started working on it internally. After a few months of fine tuning the current logo was born. For the somewhat older fan it might take some getting used to, but I think it fits perfectly with the young and modern image that KVO wants to radiate under the new owners. And for the more nostalgic fan, the contours of the old coat of arms are still visible."

"We are indeed very satisfied with the final result," concludes Executive President Gauthier Ganaye. "We surprised friend and foe last season with our attacking and fresh football and I think this logo is an extension of what we saw on the pitch: bold, driven and young. KVO is ready for the future in every way."

On all fronts you can take it literally because today the club is not only launching a new logo, but also a new website, built by local partner Vision XR.
"We are proud as a local, young business to have received the trust of KVO," echoes a proud Business manager Niels Soete. "It shows that KVO considers local anchoring important and gives the opportunity to young, energetic people. A bit like ó on the field, in other words."

"Niels and his team already started up the Instagram action for our sick little supporter Thibault in September. Through this Instagram filter, supporters were able to give Thibault a shot in the arm via a LED wall. This is where the first seeds of this fruitful collaboration were planted. Thanks to Vision XR we now have a brand new website, a real digital hub and we were able to modernize the digital embodiment of our club and bring it in line with the general philosophy, " says COO Thorsten Theys.

"The previous website dated from more than six years ago and was in need of renewal in all areas, in terms of user-friendliness, look & feel and content. Now it has finally happened," concludes Bram Keirsebilck.

The new website comes online on Monday 31 May at 17.00h. It's worth taking a look right now as the first summer transfer will be presented there.

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