Despite a solid first half, the Coastal Boys return home scoreless.
Before the game against his former club, Vanderhaeghe had to tinker with his team. The Ostend coach could not count on the injured Jäkel. The young German was replaced by Tanghe. Atanga moved to the bench at the expense of Ndicka. For the home team, the suspended Kompany was not on the bench, while Murillo was replaced by Mykhaylichenko.

The first chance was for Magallan who headed a corner kick wide. Ndicka had to be replaced by Atanga early on after an injury. Capon tried from far away but his shot ended in Anderlecht's spy head. The home team had a hard time getting through the Oostende wall. Gomez tried in vain but Scherpen picked up the roll with a smile. After a quick changeover, we had a good opportunity but the industrious Sakamoto found no one in front of goal. McGeehan tried a placeholder ball, but his effort was deflected by the home defence. After poor defending from Van Crombrugge, Gueye was gifted the ball but under pressure from a defender, his shot waved off. The arrow-quick Sakamoto escaped on his flank but his sharp cross was denied by Hoedt. The Coastal team played along nicely in the first half with Anderlecht barely creating any (half) chances. The most striking 'Brusselelaar' was a local pigeon who unintentionally stole the show.

The Brussels natives took the lead out of nowhere just after halftime when Refaelov left Scherpen chanceless with a ground-shaking shot after a combination with a teammate (1-0).. The visitors responded with a dangerous cross from Atanga. On the other side, Mykhaylichenko simply outplayed his direct opponent on the goal line but his dangerous cross went wide. Sakamoto was the most threatening player for the Coastal Boys. On a cross from Rocha, Urhoghide headed a few metres wide of Van Crombrugge's goal. Kouamé headed alone towards Scherpen but was pulled back by an Oostende defender. Raman scored but his goal was disallowed for offside. The visitors pulled out all the stops and were caught cold twice in quick succession. After a quick counterattack Verschaeren left our goalie no chance from a tight angle (2-0).. The third goal followed fairly quickly. Amuzu found the substitute Raman and he had no mercy with our Dutch goalie (3-0). In the end of the game, the home goalkeeper had to clamp a slide from Ambrose after which the referee whistled for the end.
Next week, a derby against Club Brugge awaits Saturday night at the Diaz Arena.

Goals: 49′ 1-0 (Refaelov), 77′ 2-0 (Verschaeren), 81′ 3-0 (Raman)
Yellow cards: 44′ Hoedt, 74′ Fortes, 83′ Gueye
Referee: Mr. De Cremer
Team compositions:
RSC Anderlecht: Van Crombrugge, Magallan, Mykhaylichenko (79′ Sardella), Hoedt, Gomez, Refaelov (71′ Amuzu), Cullen, Zirkzee (71′ Raman), Verschaeren, Kouamé (84′ Stroeykens), Ashimeru (84′ Olsson)
Invaders: Coosemans, Amuzu, Olsson, El Hadj, Stroeykens, Sardella, Kana, Arnstad
KV Ostend: Scherpen, Tanghe (69′ D'Haese), Fortes, Urhoghide, Ndicka (6′ Atanga, 69′ Ambrose), Capon, D'Arpino (53′ Bätzner), Rocha Santos, McGeehan, Sakamoto, Gueye
Invaders: Hubert, D'Haese, Patoulidis, Albanese, Atanga, Bätzner, Ambrose