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Practice match KVO - KVK 0-0

This morning there was an exercise game on the program. The Coastal Boys received the guys from Kortrijk. For both teams the season is already two weeks over, but both teams still train firmly with some practice games.

Just like against Club Brugge, KV Oostende started with some players who had less time to play this season. Among them two test players. Noa Wyns already played against Brugge last weekend, Ochieng Wilkims made his first playing minutes during his trial period with the coastal team.

It was KV Oostende that started the game well with a few chances, but Vanderhaeghe and his did not score. Just under half an hour into the match a KV Kortrijk striker was suddenly brought down in the KV Oostende penalty area. The referee did not hesitate and whistled a penalty for the visitors. Badamosi was allowed to cash in on the penalty himself, but did not. Hubert dived well to the corner and was able to clamp the ball. About ten minutes later Kortrijk got a free kick from a nice spot. Messaoudi took the free kick, but his effort hit the crossbar. No goals in the first half, 0-0 was the halftime score.

In the second half we got quite a few substitutions on both sides. Among others, Indy Boonen and Jordy Schelfhout came to defend the Ostend colors. There was not much to see in the second half. Kortrijk's centrepiece Deman had to intervene a few times, and Jordy Schelfhout was also tested a few times. No big chances in the second half, so the game remained 0-0, also the final score. Next week our Coastal Boys practice against Zulte Waregem.

Formation KV Ostend: Hubert, Wilkims (tester), Wyns (tester), Capon, Tanghe, Wylin, Koziello, Amade, Ambrose, Gueye, Rocha.
Invaders: Schelfhout, Duncan, Boonen, Jäkel, Patoulidis, D'Haese, Bätzner, Atanga, Albanese.